In 1994, the company has been established under the name of Plantes & Medecines BVBA and has later been changed to Pharma & Health BVBA.
The company was selling worldwide medical devices, medical equipment and rapid diagnostic test kits.

In 2000 the company name was changed again to ulti med Products (Belgium) BVBA.

From this date on the business was focused on rapid diagnostics, which are exlcusively delivered by ulti med Products (Deutschland) GmbH.

Due to the long term experience with an US Multi National Company, we had a lot of experience on export and we hope to get the opportunity to proof our capacities.

Beside the Rapid diagnostics, ulti med products (Belgium) BVBA is also selling the Childrens Medical Ventures products. This is a special line of Developmental Care products for premature babies. As well as products in the Cosmetic field (PS 98 is a very successful product line in the area of Psoriarsis and other skin disorders).